A move in the right direction

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First of all let me appologize to my readers for being a bad blogger. Secondly, I would like to inform you that this blog is being closed and this writer is moving. My new posts can be found at No Stream Media. Many of you might be askin why the move? It is simply a rebranding and the term pure gonza is actually taken from a book written by Hunter S Thompson. This is a proactive step to avoid any copyright infringement and to brand myself under a truly unique banner. The posts from this site will be moved as well with the original post dates as fast as possible. Thank you for reading my site and please me at the new one



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There are times when one just needs tovent and this is one of those times. While this post is not directed at anyone in particular, there as several people that fall intothe scope of this post. The economy is getting worse and that is not good when I am trying to find a job. They just don’t exist. Every company is either not hiring or they are cutting the size of their workforces. Finances are tight for everyone and the rampant commercialization of the holiday season is not making it any better. When are we as a population gonna be content? There really is no logic to this post.

EverSax 4

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As I type, I am sitting in Saxby’s Coffee in McKinney, TX.  I am listening to a Sax quartet play live and it’s free.  This is great!  I am a huge fan of jazz, and have always wanted to hear it played live.  It is not often that I plug a particular business in my blogs, but if you are ever in the McKinney area and want a great alternative to Starbucks stop by Saxby’s just west of US 75.  I promise you will wish they had one every where.

Election Funny

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Now this is not an original post of mine, but I found it on the web while killing time today and thought I should share it with my fellow loathers.

Twas the Night Before Elections . . .
Twas the night before elections
And all through the town
Tempers were flaring
Emotions all up and down!

I, in my bathrobe
With a cat in my lap
Had cut off the TV
Tired of political crap.

When all of a sudden
There arose such a noise
I peered out of my window
Saw Obama and his boys

They had come for my wallet*
They wanted my pay*
To give to the others*
Who had not worked a day!*

He snatched up my money
And quick as a wink
Jumped back on his bandwagon
As I gagged from the stink

He then rallied his henchmen
Who were pulling his cart
I could tell they were out
To tear my country apart!

On Fannie, on Freddie,
On Biden and Ayers!
On Acorn, On Pelosi’
He screamed at the pairs!

They took off for his cause
And as he flew out of sight
I heard him laugh at the nation
Who wouldn’t stand up and fight!

So I leave you to think
On this one final note-


A Storm Chasers’ Christmas

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Tonight was one of those nights where the only thing that passes through your head is the old adage, “careful what you wish for.”  While sitting at my computer in McKinney, Texas this evening, I left a status message on my Facebook saying I was waiting for the weather to turn bad and was hoping for a December chase.  Well I got my wish.  Around 0630 UTC (10:30pm CST for you non-radio operators out there), my wife and I were headed home when the National Weather Service in Fort Worth stated that a tornado was developing in the central part of Grayson County.  The storm was headed away from us at about forty miles per hour, but we were already headed toward home and decided we would see if we could provide any eyes on the storm.  We could see the eerie blue-green flashes that give away a tornado’s position on the ground.  We could hear our fellow spotters in the Denison area report the debris (later we would find out that the Coleman Coolers plant was hit).  The entire area of interest was rain-wrapped by the time we hit the Collin-Grayson line the storm was crossing the Red River.  No sooner had we turned Guardian 1 (my chase truck) south, when the radio came alive with reports of a developing tornado over Allen, Texas.  We booked it south headed for a better angle on the storm as it moved toward the southeastern edge of McKinney.  We had a good view of the wall cloud as we entered the northern edge of town.  We turned east on US 380 and stared into the teeth of a huge lowering with pronounced rotation.  Night chasing is always hairy.  You have to position yourself based on the features you can capture in the intermittent flashes of lighting.  During this race eastward, my mother calls and wants to know where Sara (my wife and chase partner) and I are.  We tell her we are in McKinney and she says that the news is reporting the circulation over the Princeton area. As we headed east the NCS (Net Control Station or station in charge of the SKYWARN net) was asking for people to look to the northeast of McKinney near Blue Ridge and Westminster.  As my wife and I are looking we saw not one but two wall clouds.  We turned north on Texas highway 5 and raced toward home.  By this time the storm is starting to dissipate and weaken.  As we are driving toward home the NWS decides that the storm has weakened enough to drop the tornado warning, but wants us to watch for a bit longer.  Finally the storms moved into Fannin County and my wife and I came home.  As I am writing this the wind is howling outside, but below severe levels.  We are still under a severe thunderstorm watch until 0900 UTC (3am CST) and the county just northeast of us is under tornado watch until 1200 UTC (6am CST).  I guess a storm chaser couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present than a chase in December.

Coming Change

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It has dawned on me that I have not yet written about the results of the elections just a little over a month ago. To be totally honest, I am not thrilled about the results. I have been trying my hardest to wrap my heads around how a nation can elect someone with no experience to lead us in a time of crisis. My answer came from an unlikely source. I have returned to college to finish the degree I started so many years ago. In one of my classes, we have been studying the rise of capitalism as an economic system. After reading what passes as textbooks for this class, I know understand that reason why so many college students voted for Obama. We are cramming the idea that capitalism is a bad thing down the next generation of leaders. One of the chapters in my text actually states, “of all the ‘isms’ that afflict us, capitalism is the worst.” The author expounds on this point by saying that capitalism is the cause of many of the things that ail us. It is responsible for the race problems, the grossly unequal distribution of wealth, and the general sense of malaise and oppression that academics in particular feel. In a nation that provides the opportunity for everyone to pursue their own dreams, and in many cases gives us the way to do so, how can anyone say that? I guess my biggest problem is an entire generation has grown up with the idea that life is supposed to be fair. Obama has promised to make things fairer, but what constitutes fair. Are those who have the money supposed to give it up so that those who don’t can have things they want but have not worked for? I think that people have the misconception that fair means everyone gets the nice car, house, and creature comforts. This simply is not the case. Making things fair does not mean that we all get to live in 5000 sq ft homes and drive BMWs. It means that we will all have to live with mediocrity. We will all have just enough to survive, if even that much. We are asking the federal government for handouts, because we are lazy and do not want to work for what we want. Now I know many of you are sitting there thinking that I am writing this from the comfort of a nice house in a gated community and in my garage is a late model luxury car. This could not be more from the truth. I am sitting a coffeehouse killing time waiting for my wife to get off work, because the job market has flat lined and we cannot afford another car or for me to drive to and from her job twice. We make less than 20k a year and my truck is a 1992 Explorer bought used with over 300k mile on it. I am not sitting asking the government to hand me money that I have not earned. I did not vote for Obama, because a “spread[ing] of the wealth,” is not the answer. Anyone who feels that the government owes them anything is a fool. Just because you were born in America does not entitle you to anything you are not willing to work for.

The Silent Many

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Why is it OK to poke fun at those who are overweight? There are countless TV shows which ridicule those who are larger than the unreal projection of beauty heaped on world by marketing executives. Recently I watched an episode of the Fox News Channel’s Red Eye program and the topic of making obesity a protected class was breached. The panel did not treat this topic with any semblance of respect. Amy Schumer, a panelist, mocked the “fatties” saying, “I side with them, food tastes good but they need to do like the rest of us and get an eating disorder.” The entire panel, with the exception of the gentleman from Fox and Friends, chimed in with their deriding comments. The host of the show never went on to say that race and religion do not cost a company money. It is always nice to know that we can be reduced to dollar signs. The handicapped can also cost the company money, but discriminating against them is definitely taboo and illegal in the business world. You would figure in a country with so many people considered overweight that their would be more people willing to stand up and ensure the rights of people are counted. I will be a voice for those of us too afraid to speak up. I have been overweight for most of my life. There are jobs that I have applied for that my weight has no effect on my ability to perform the duties, and I know I was not hired because they were afraid that I would cost them money or some other factor that has nothing to do with my worth as a human being. The world has seen the way that high school students ridicule the obese. 20/20 even had a teenage girl don a fat suit and taped the way she was treated. Later she walked through the halls without the suit on and we all watched as the student body treated her completely different. How is this any different from me being singled out because of my religion or race. Is it going to take an obese person being shot, beaten to death, or hung before the nation acts? How many hateful remarks must I endure before this abuse stops? I will no longer be silent. The media and Hollywood will hear me. The government will hear my voice. I will champion this cause. I will no longer be treated a s a second class citizen. I am going to the EEOC to ensure that we are not discriminated against on the basis of my size. I will be contacted my state and national senators and representatives to recognize this problem. No longer will I be silent and victimized by the ignorant hate mongers. The time has come for change.

The Sanctity of Marriage

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Fifty years ago no one would have imagined that an essay addressing the very definition of marriage would need to be written. No one would have thought it necessary to champion this cause. No one would have imagined the assault that would take place against an establishment set forth by the Creator of all things.

Marriage is a union of one man to one woman before family, friends, and the Lord Almighty. This is how we were created, and this is the only true and acceptable marriage. The destructive liberal politicians and media, in a never ending attempt to silence the squeaky wheel of the leftist populace, has tried to force feed the rest of us sane Americans the ideology that marriage cam be between any tow consenting adults whether they be homosexual or heterosexual. This is wrong beyond belief. One of the fundamental purposes of marriage is to bear and raise children. This is simply not possible in same sex marriages. No matter how hard they try two men or two women simply cannot conceive a child together. This is proof enough that homosexual marriage and homosexuality are abnormal and abhorrent behaviors. NO ONE IS EVER BORN GAY!!!

The bond of marriage is not to be broken by anyone. How many people lied to their spouse on their wedding day? According to statistics at least half of all married people did. This is astounding and unacceptable! That means half of those people stood in front of their friends family and God and took an oath they refused to keep. The line goes, “until death do you part,” or “as long as you both shall live.” No way does it say until you get bored or find that attractive co-worker or fellow gym member. It does not say until you get drunk at a bar and leave with a stranger. It does not say until the kids are grown and moved. However, so many marriages are ended for these very reasons. The only acceptable cause for divorce is infidelity. The innocent party is the only one who has the right to initiate the divorce, and this was only granted because of the hardness of our hearts. The idea that marriage is supposed to make you happy is also flawed. You cannot rely on another person to provide your happiness; in fact, this is how you end up trapped in a codependent and destructive relationship, which will destroy you and leave you empty inside.

Another enemy of marriage is the belief of “free sex,” an ideology espoused by the hippie movement. If you have read my previous post, you will know about the dangers of the hippie mindset when it comes to military action. Sex is a gift, an experience to be shared by a man and woman, in the safety of marriage. The idea that one can have safe sex outside of marriage is foolish, dangerous, and irresponsible. The rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases is directly related to the promiscuity of our people. If one remains a virgin until marriage, the likelihood of contracting std is very low, and if one marries another virgin, the chances are zero. Recently an article in the Dallas Morning News (March 16, 2008) stated that one in four girls (13-19) has a sexual infection. Really? What has the world come to? This “sexual revolution” has raped our men and women of the gift of giving their virginity to their husbands or wives, and has infected millions of our people with incurable, painful, and sometimes fatal diseases. This blatant disregard for keeping our marriage beds undefiled has got to stop. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who engages in sexual activities outside of marriage is wrong. Before you get defensive and think I am a “fundamentalist nut job”, I am guilty of the very thing I am saying is wrong. I engaged in sex before I was married, and I regret it every day. I gave something to someone who did not deserve it; in truth, my pre-martial sex amounts to cheating on my wife. It is a very painful realization but true none the less. The hippie movement has indoctrinated an entire generation with the idea that nothing band happens when you have sex. The AIDS epidemic is a direct result of the “free sex” ideology. The cure for STD’s and AIDS is remaining a virgin until your wedding night. In addition, this mentality has resulted in an entire generation of children who have grown up in homes where they have no idea who are their fathers or in some cases mothers, which in turn has led to this generation having kids outside of marriage perpetuating the cycle. Now the “free sex” mentality has removed the logical consequence of sex. Now one can abort their pregnancy. Let us call this what is truly is, murdering a child.

These are very compelling arguments for preserving the sanctity of marriage. Who knows how much longer we will be able to enjoy this God designed institution before it is bastardized by the liberal and immoral population that is trying to ruin the greatest nation in the world.

The Anti-Hippie Manefesto

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Make Love not War…. Flower Power…. All of it hogwash.

It is not often that I read something on the squinter-net that causes my blood to boil; much less one that warrants a blog dedicated to it, but this is one such occasion that cannot be forsaken. I came across a comment posted by someone whom Carlos Mencia would label “Dee-de-Dee,” accusing our soldiers of being murders in an unjust war brought about by a president’s personal agenda and the greed of corporations. While I respect the right of the poster to say this, protected by the ever vigilant First Amendment, I feel it is my duty to exercise the same right to lambaste their idiotic ramblings. For years now we have listened to politicians and anti-war protestors claim there were never any WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) or Al Qaeda in Iraq. I’ll admit that the US military did not find any WMDs when they kicked in Sadaam’s front door, but UN inspectors had reported that there were facilities in place that could have been used to produce WMDs, and they did know several months before the invasion that we were coming. Any one with a functioning brain would know that the WMDs could have been easily destroyed or moved into neighboring countries or simply just hidden in the vast desert sands. Any one who has watched the news knows that top Al Qaeda officials have been killed in Iraq. That being said, these new-age hippies make me sick. Do they not realize that the very rights that allow them to spew their unpatriotic dribble were paid for by the blood of the very men and women they now deride? I am sure they would have been out chanting their flower power nonsense the day after Pearl Harbor. No one in there right mind would have called the soldiers the fought and died in WWII murders or the war unjust or motivated by a president’s agenda or corporate greed. How is Pearl Harbor any different from 9/11? Terror knows no borders and in theory anyone could be a terrorist. Both attacks were committed by terrorist groups, but the nation of Japan was a well defined enemy, while Al Qaeda is an organization with out borders. We would have pursued the attacks to the ends of the Earth and attacked any country that harbored these people. With all this being said, we need to be in Iraq and see this war to the end. The last thing we need is for Iraq to be a safe haven for terrorists. Do we really need another 9/11? Next time you neo-hippies want to bad mouth the soldiers or spit in their faces and call them murderers, first thank them for protecting your right to do so. The movement brought nothing but a generation of confused burnouts and divided a nation. We still suffer from the consequences of the free love that the hippies touted as the answer to war. The neo-hippie movement can only result in the same effect. So, all of you that hold fast to the flower-power movement remember that your flowers were grown in soil bought with blood of the brothers and sisters of the men and women you know defile. One word of advice, try waving the flag instead of burning it? How about thanking a soldier instead of cursing him or her. How about celebrating your country instead of loathing it? Some of you are asking how I can condone war, and I answer this greatest nation was born of war. Oh wait! The founding fathers were murders and the war was unjust.

The A Word

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The Intro 

There are many topics that divide a table into factions, but one of the most heated topics is that of abortion. Before we delve into this subject, I am fully aware of the sensitivity that surrounds it. I am a die-hard believer in the right to life. For me life starts at conception not birth. Abortion is only a government sanctioned form of murder.The Natural PerspectiveThere are many of you out there in the blogosphere who feel that it is a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body, but I say that she made the choice when she had unprotected sex. There is an air or accepted irresponsibility surrounding the abortion issue. We are simply saying, “here enjoy the sex and to hell with the consequences.” Abortion subverts the natural consequence of unprotected sex, and it does so for convenience. Abortion is a way for a woman, nay I say girl (women accept responsibility), maintain a lifestyle where she is comfortable without the added responsibility that comes with a baby. This is wrong. Life is full of what are called natural consequences, and abortion undermines this principle.

The Rights Perspective

Abortion robs a father of his right to be a dad. I know that in many cases the father is absent and that fact is the very reason for the abortion, but in a few cases the girl decides without talking to the father. This to me is wrong, and the logic behind it screams selfish intent. Many woman claim to have the right not to have their bodies altered by the 40 week gestation period. Once again one needs to refer to the natural perspective section. These changes in the physical appearance are not permanent and can be rectified by exercise and intelligent eating while pregnant.Abortion also robs the child of its very life. This is the biggest issue to me. How can we claim to be compassionate people when we silently allow girls to commit what should be a crime? If any other people group we targeted, we would be up in arms. Wars have been started over the execution of people groups. One only need to look to the Bosnian Conflict, to see a recent case. If the United States government began to execute all those infected with AIDS or HIV the nation would be in uproar. People would be crying for revolt, but we stand idly by as millions of children are snuffed out of existence before they even have the chance to see the light of day.


The Legal Perspective

This perspective is divided at best. Many believe the government has no right to tell girls what they can do with their bodies; while others claim girls have no right to murder an unborn child. Abortion is at its very core a government sanctioned act of homicide. If one looks at all the abortions that take place an average of 3,900 children are executed a day. 1.4 billion a year in America. That is one every 22 seconds! If one American Citizen died every 22 seconds we would do everything in out power to find the cause and institute a solution, but we sit silently with our eyes shut, mouths closed and ears plugged to the cries of billions of babies being murdered. If I were to plan the murder and kill just one person, I would be guilty of first degree murder; therefore, I would be sentenced to death. We allow doctors to commit countless acts of first degree murder on a daily basis and do nothing.The Philosophical PerspectiveOne might argue without abortion, there would be a spike in the number of unwed single parent homes, a combination that has been linked to poor health, grades, and increased behavioral problems. However, there is a solution to this problem; there are millions of infertile couples seeking to adopt a child only to be told there are not any available. Think of this, in spite of the previous argument about responsibility, these couples can have a child and the girl is free of the responsibility of caring for an unwanted child. On a darker note, think of the possibility of executing the very mind with the cure to cancer or world hunger. What if an murdered child was to be the one to solve the worlds dependency on fossil fuel or solve the issue of global warming? Could you live with the fact that you murdered that person?

The Conclusion

Abortion is not a right that anyone should have to choose. It is not even a right of privacy. It has and will always remain murder, premeditated, hate-filled murder. No one should ever be given the right to choice if a child lives or dies. What if your parents had decided to abort you? How many people have you touched that would have never been influenced by you? How many lives have been impacted in a positive manner by you very existence?

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