The Silent Many

Why is it OK to poke fun at those who are overweight? There are countless TV shows which ridicule those who are larger than the unreal projection of beauty heaped on world by marketing executives. Recently I watched an episode of the Fox News Channel’s Red Eye program and the topic of making obesity a protected class was breached. The panel did not treat this topic with any semblance of respect. Amy Schumer, a panelist, mocked the “fatties” saying, “I side with them, food tastes good but they need to do like the rest of us and get an eating disorder.” The entire panel, with the exception of the gentleman from Fox and Friends, chimed in with their deriding comments. The host of the show never went on to say that race and religion do not cost a company money. It is always nice to know that we can be reduced to dollar signs. The handicapped can also cost the company money, but discriminating against them is definitely taboo and illegal in the business world. You would figure in a country with so many people considered overweight that their would be more people willing to stand up and ensure the rights of people are counted. I will be a voice for those of us too afraid to speak up. I have been overweight for most of my life. There are jobs that I have applied for that my weight has no effect on my ability to perform the duties, and I know I was not hired because they were afraid that I would cost them money or some other factor that has nothing to do with my worth as a human being. The world has seen the way that high school students ridicule the obese. 20/20 even had a teenage girl don a fat suit and taped the way she was treated. Later she walked through the halls without the suit on and we all watched as the student body treated her completely different. How is this any different from me being singled out because of my religion or race. Is it going to take an obese person being shot, beaten to death, or hung before the nation acts? How many hateful remarks must I endure before this abuse stops? I will no longer be silent. The media and Hollywood will hear me. The government will hear my voice. I will champion this cause. I will no longer be treated a s a second class citizen. I am going to the EEOC to ensure that we are not discriminated against on the basis of my size. I will be contacted my state and national senators and representatives to recognize this problem. No longer will I be silent and victimized by the ignorant hate mongers. The time has come for change.


~ by Phoenix on April 29, 2008.

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