Coming Change

It has dawned on me that I have not yet written about the results of the elections just a little over a month ago. To be totally honest, I am not thrilled about the results. I have been trying my hardest to wrap my heads around how a nation can elect someone with no experience to lead us in a time of crisis. My answer came from an unlikely source. I have returned to college to finish the degree I started so many years ago. In one of my classes, we have been studying the rise of capitalism as an economic system. After reading what passes as textbooks for this class, I know understand that reason why so many college students voted for Obama. We are cramming the idea that capitalism is a bad thing down the next generation of leaders. One of the chapters in my text actually states, “of all the ‘isms’ that afflict us, capitalism is the worst.” The author expounds on this point by saying that capitalism is the cause of many of the things that ail us. It is responsible for the race problems, the grossly unequal distribution of wealth, and the general sense of malaise and oppression that academics in particular feel. In a nation that provides the opportunity for everyone to pursue their own dreams, and in many cases gives us the way to do so, how can anyone say that? I guess my biggest problem is an entire generation has grown up with the idea that life is supposed to be fair. Obama has promised to make things fairer, but what constitutes fair. Are those who have the money supposed to give it up so that those who don’t can have things they want but have not worked for? I think that people have the misconception that fair means everyone gets the nice car, house, and creature comforts. This simply is not the case. Making things fair does not mean that we all get to live in 5000 sq ft homes and drive BMWs. It means that we will all have to live with mediocrity. We will all have just enough to survive, if even that much. We are asking the federal government for handouts, because we are lazy and do not want to work for what we want. Now I know many of you are sitting there thinking that I am writing this from the comfort of a nice house in a gated community and in my garage is a late model luxury car. This could not be more from the truth. I am sitting a coffeehouse killing time waiting for my wife to get off work, because the job market has flat lined and we cannot afford another car or for me to drive to and from her job twice. We make less than 20k a year and my truck is a 1992 Explorer bought used with over 300k mile on it. I am not sitting asking the government to hand me money that I have not earned. I did not vote for Obama, because a “spread[ing] of the wealth,” is not the answer. Anyone who feels that the government owes them anything is a fool. Just because you were born in America does not entitle you to anything you are not willing to work for.


~ by Phoenix on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Coming Change”

  1. Yup. Exactly correct. Grandma used to say if you want to eat you work at our house.

    Or, as I read on a T-shirt once: In nature there is no free lunch.

    It’s nice to be on your blogroll. Keep up the good writing.

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